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When and where is the Strong Women Business Gathering being held?

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June 2022 at Birdwood Downs Station.


The station is located around 20km down the Gibb River Road outside of Derby in the West Kimberley. Check out the Program page to learn the start times!


Do I need a 4WD to get to Birdwood Downs Station?

No – Birdwood Downs Station is accessible to 2WD vehicles. From Derby to the Birdwood Downs Station is all sealed road the driveway into the event will be graded.


I don’t have a car is there transport available?

Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation and other local services will be providing transport to and from Derby, Mowanjum Community, and Pandanus Park over the two days for workshops – look at our Facebook page closer to the event.


If you are outside of these areas and want support organising transport please get in contact and we’ll see if we can cooperate with a local service or ranger group to help get you to the event!


Who is the event for? Can anyone come?

The two day event is open to all girls and women across the Kimberley region, as well as visitors to the area.


The Celebration Event held on the evening of Saturday 25th June is open to all people.


Do I need to pre-register for the Strong Women Business Gathering?

No, you do not need to register however we do have a cap of 300 persons who can attend the Gathering because of catering and infrastructure limitations.


You cannot pre-register for workshops either - workshop spaces are capped by facilitators and each workshop is different.


Why can’t I pre-register?

Life in the Kimberley is unpredictable, that is part of the joy of living here! It also means that plans can and do change last minute. Some people who couldn’t come will suddenly be able to join whereas others won’t. Because of this we’ve learned that registrations can cause more confusion!


We appreciate your understanding and flexibility, and look forward to "going with the flow" with you!


How many people will be there?

We expect that around 300 women will join the event over the two days of workshops, and up to 500 persons will join for the Celebration Event.


I can only come for part of the Gathering, can I still attend?

Absolutely! We know life can be full and that women carry many responsibilities. Feel free to join for those parts of the Gathering that interest you.


Can I bring a child?

Yes, children are very welcome however we ask that caregivers ensure supervision and responsibility for children they bring to the Gathering.


How much is it to attend?

The cost of participants is FREE. This includes admission, camping and catering with the exception of food for the celebration which is available to purchase.


Do I need to register for camping?

Yes! If you are camping either yourself or someone from your group must register on the Location page of this website. 


The camping capacity is for 150 persons and available to girls and women participating in the two day event on the 24th and 25th June.


Do I need to bring my own camping equipment?

Yes. If you plan on camping you will be required to bring your own camping equipment (tent, swag, pillow case), toiletries (towel and toothbrush) and suggest you bring a torch too. If you'd like to participate in Saturday morning yoga, we recommend bringing your yoga mat too.


Campsites are unpowered however we will have campfires set up on site to enjoy conversation under the stars together.


While we will provide breakfast on Saturday 25th there is no catering on the morning of 26th – you will need to bring food with you to buy food in Derby.

I don’t feel comfortable camping, what are the other accommodation options?

You’ve got a few options around Derby:

You can also give the Derby Visitors Centre a call and find out what other options are available too!

I have dietary restrictions, what kind of food will you be serving?

We will be serving healthy, hearty meals like stews, stir-fries and curries for main meals as well as fruit and cake for morning and afternoon tea. We know some people can’t eat everything so will have some labeled vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

We do recommend getting in touch if you have serious concerns or allergies before the event OR bringing your own food with you.

I’m not comfortable having my photo taken, what can I do?

No problem! We will have lanyards available at the registration table that will help identify you to photographers to try keeping you out of any photos.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. The Gathering is a drug and alcohol free event – if staff or volunteers learn that you’ve brought alcohol or drugs we’ll ask you to put these away somewhere secure for the duration of the event. If you’re unwilling or unable to do this you will be asked to leave the event.

Can I smoke at the Gathering?

We will provide designated and signed smoking areas for those people who wish to smoke cigarettes.

What about accessibility?

Excellent question! Working closely with the Advisory Group and managers of Birdwood Down Station we’re looking to ensure the site is comfortable and accessible for our participants. We’ll continue to update this section as our plans evolve. If you have ideas, queries or concerns please reach out so we can take these into consideration.

What about COVID-19 safety?

The Gathering will be conducted in accordance with WA Health direction and with a comprehensive COVID Management Plan. The procedures we are developing ensure a COVID safe environment for our participants, facilitators, artists, volunteers and staff.

We are expecting 500 people or less throughout the event. As per WA Health advice, we currently do not require proof of vaccination for outdoor events that are below 500 persons. We do require everyone to register at the event on arrival.

We ask that people observe social distancing (2 square meter rule) and that they wear a mask if they are unable to do this.

Information and updates will be provided via our website, including Terms of Entry.

We ask that people who are experiencing COVID symptoms (sore throat, cough, fever etc.) do not attend - we know this may be disappointing but it's a precaution to keep everyone safe. If you have concerns about your health, we recommend that you talk to your doctor about what is appropriate for you.

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