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The Strong Women Business Gathering is a two-day event offering a shared space for women and girls across the Kimberley to build connections, learn new skills and create opportunities to work together.

We believe that women have the strength and capability to nurture positive change in their communities from the ground-up. We also understand the importance of coming together to share our stories, spark new ideas and take action.


This is at the heart of the Strong Women Business Gathering.


We want to shine the light on girls and women who are thinkers, leaders and who give back to their community.


Join us for hands-on workshops, discussions, creative spaces, storytelling, music, dance, fashion, film and food at the Strong Women Business Gathering 2022.


What's this all about?

The Gathering is a space to enable new conversations and collaborations. It is also an opportunity to honor our history, heritage and diversity here in the Kimberley.

We want to bring to light the ideas, initiatives and enterprises of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and women across the Kimberley while also celebrating the contributions of those from other backgrounds.

What For?

Deepen connections.jpg


To deepen our connections, support skill-building and idea-sharing


community strengthening.jpg


To seed local and regional community strengthening and wealth building initiatives                                                                                                  

Intercultural and intergenerational relationships.jpg


To foster inter-generational and inter-cultural relationships, building understanding and mutual respect

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To highlight local women owned-operated enterprises as well as women who are leaders role-models in their community

What's going on?

There is A LOT going on!


Hands-on Workshops and Discussions facilitated by artists, enterprises and organisations from across the Kimberley

Creative Spaces including a weaving space and a collective mural project

Yarning Spaces where any person can put their name down to facilitate a conversation

Film Screening and Camp-Fire Stories on Friday evening

Ladies New Look Photo Booth hosted by Bidgyadanga Women's Center will be take group and individual portraits throughout the Gathering

Skutta Girls Indigenous Fashion Showcase featuring local girls modelling wearable art created by local artists will exhibit throughout the Gathering

Under Big Sky (event open to the public) on Saturday evening including night markets featuring local female-owned enterprises, sunset Junba, as well music performed by female artists from across the region. Food will be available to purchase.

Across the two days we want to explore four  themes:

Leena Fraser (1)_edited.jpg

"I want young women at the event to open their minds so that they can do something with their lives: To learn to respect yourself, respect the country you walk on, respect your relationships, respect your relationships with everyone in your life. I learnt all my knowledge from my ancestors from eight generations back."

- Leena Fraser Buckle

"I think this event was great for all women just to be around older women, to be inspired and look up to the other women older than us and younger than us and support each other, be there for each other and work together as strong women in Australia."

- Kirrwirliny Jeffries

Jirrwirliny Jeffries_edited.jpg
Holly Bodeker-Smith_edited.jpg

"You can't be what you can't see, so as a woman you need to have lots of women around so you can just soak up their knowledge and see what you want to be. You need to see women who are independent and strong and stick up for themselves and care for community. That's so crucial and that's what we got at this event."

- Holly Bodeker-Smith

Employment and Enterprise.jpg

Employment and Enterprise


Creative Arts and Craft.jpg

Creative Arts and Crafts


Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Caring for Country.jpg

Caring for Country


Who’s Involved?

Our Team and Advisors are formed of a deadly dynamic group of women whose heritage and hearts link them to the Kimberley. Together we bring a breadth of expertise and our collective lived experiences.

We’re excited to host you at the 2022 Strong Women Business Gathering.


Diana Larkin
Project Manager | Communications and Marketing Manager
Yisah Bin Omar
Brigitta Scarfe
PhD researcher
Tania Turei
Office Manager
Kate Williams
Project Officer